Welcome to the center of (hopefully) educational ramblings!

Being a consumer myself, I like to research the products I intend to buy. You always want to make sure that the product will live up to your standards, tickle your fancy, and be physically appealing to the eye.

With books it’s more complicated. The cover can be an absolute Mona Lisa of covers, so devastatingly handsome it literally rocks your socks off and you must have it at any and all costs. The only catch? The cover was amazing and it looks fantastic on your shelf but the story… Gosh! The story is lacking. It took you months to read, pushing yourself to finish all those pages, only to leave you feeling empty and resentful of all the time you put in.

Well that’s the purpose of this blog. I won’t hold anything back. I won’t be sweet or nice if it isn’t warranted. I’ll tell you the nitty gritty details as to whether I thought it was an absolute win or an absolute fail.

Happy book hunting!


Talk to me :) I promise I don't bite.

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